On your website the copyright text is all over the photo. Will it be on my prints or on my digital file?

NO, the copyright text will not show up on your prints or on the digital file that I email you.

How do we, as an exhibitor get you at our Dog Show or any Dog Show??

The Club holding the show contracts me to be the official Dog Show Photographer. If you are tried of poor photos, slow mailing times, Bad Attitudes, now is the time to speak up!! LOUD AND OFTEN!  Email, write or call the Club, they need to be told. REMEMBER YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE SHOW PHOTOS, NOT THE CLUB. DEMAND GOOD PHOTOGRAPHERS!

How long does it take to get my photos after the show?

Please check my show calendar, it shows my show dates and my travel days (TD). Once I am home the first day of the shows will go to the lab to be printed within 24 hours and into the mail the next day. Normally the same applies to posting photos on my website for you to view and order.

What if the show is several days long or maybe even three or four days?

Again check my show calendar. All shows no matter the size are worked  first day first, ETC. It generally takes me a day at home to complete each day of a show. They will be posted to my website AS SOON as I have that day done! PLEASE Don't call or email asking when they will be posted, it just slows me down!! Also I don't answer the phone or emails until the entire show is worked and posted to the website.

I prepaid for my photos at the show and I don't see them on the website?

Correct, prepaid photos go straight to the lab to be printed and mailed out, normally starting within one day from when I get home. All other photos that are not prepaid are worked and then posted on my website on the above schedule.

Can you handle larger shows, where it will take 2 or 3 photographers?

YES, I work with Ken O"Brien, Randy Roberts, Elaine Ruston, and Tina Bienefeld. We all work together very seamlessly, never any problems or any drama. I will personally provide the club with their Club Album.

I had a photo taken last year or maybe it was several years ago, it no longer shows on the website, can I still order those photos?

YES! Absolutely, I have all photos available that have been taken back to 2006. Prior to that they are not available. Sorry I had a garage fire that wiped out all the prior years.

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